FARM BIOSECURITY is the first topic in The Basics of Pig Production Management Course. This topic is the first of many that have been carefully selected as the greatest contributors towards the management of a successful pig farming business.

Who Should Enrol

  • People interested in pig farming
  • People already working with pigs and want to increase their knowledge
  • Farmers who want to upskill their staff on specific topics
  • Government officials who want to increase their knowledge

Course Design

Online Course

Course Content

The Basics of Pig Production management – FARM BIOSECURITY 

Topics Include:

  1. The biosecurity definition
  2. Transmission of diseases to the farm
  3. Transmission of diseases between the houses
  4. Preventing the entry of diseases into the farm and between the houses


The Basics of Pig Production Management future courses will include:

  • Farrowing management
  • Weaner and grower management
  • Marketing
  • Record keeping
  • Breeding 
  • Housing
  • Welfare
  • Feeding
  • Disease control
  • Pest control

Course Highlights

  1. Clear, concise and comprehensive explainer videos covering specific course topics and taking you into the various houses on the farm and showing various activities.
  2. Supporting PDF (printable) notes highlighting essential points to remember accompanied by a video timeline for easy reference.
  3. An online assessment form that tests your understanding of and allow you to be certified if pass rate is achieved.
  4. With each course topic that is completed and passed, a certification of completion is supplied. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of each course topic, the attendee would have gained a reasonable and basic understating of that topic. The candidate would be able to decide as to which practices to follow and which practices to avoid. 


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