In cost and management accounting we study how a manager can use accounting data within their organisation to make more meaningful decisions.

Managers need this information to carry out three essential functions in their organisation:

  • planning operations
  • controlling activities
  • making decisions

The purpose of cost and management accounting is to show what kind of information is needed, where this information can be obtained, and how this information can be used by managers.

As an essential component of financial management, you will gain requisite skills in using cost accounting to advise management on the most cost-effective structures for operative decision making. The course further covers topics of managing funds by means of budgets, the use of management accounting information to make informed and accountable decisions, traditional cost allocation versus activity-based costing, cost-volume-profit relations, as well as absorption, variable, job and process costing.

Who Should Enrol

This course is ideal for you if you are an accounting official, individual from manufacturing company, also retail or service organisations who want to learn more about managing finances of their business departments.

Prospective delegates should at least have a National Senior Certificate/Matric.

This course will run with quarterly intakes

Course Design

The course is presented fully online. It is recommend that delegates spend 4–5 hours a week on this course.

Please note that you will receive a textbook for this course that will be couriered to you based on your shipping information.

Course Content

The following topics are covered:

  • The purpose of cost and management accounting
  • Introduction to cost accounting concepts and terminology
  • Absorption costing and variable costing
  • Job costing and process costing
  • Traditional cost allocation versus activity-based costing
  • Managing budgets (including cash budgets)
  • Standard costs
  • Cost-volume-profit relations
  • Providing and interpreting financial information for decision making

Course Highlights

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Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, you will have a:

Thorough understanding of the role and function of cost and management accounting in achieving the objectives of an organisation


Delegates will be expected to complete a quiz after each lesson and they have to compile an assignment.



Verification number: 2021-0115-001682

Amount of CPD Points: 5

Expiry Date: 17/03/2022


To successfully complete the course and receive a certificate of completion, delegates must achieve a final mark of 50% or more.

Delegates must complete the online quizzes which together count 45% of the final mark.

Delegates must complete the assignment which counts 55% of the final mark.

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The Cost and Management Accounting short course is designed to help you better understand the overall costing process in private or public sector entities.

5.0 CPD Points

Level 1