Citrus Production


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The need for agricultural training and education is increasing at an alarming rate and skills development is a key driver of socio-economic development.

The lack of knowledge systems limits the scope of options to be considered in terms of best practices, interventions and marketing.

Mainstreaming of agricultural development efforts is crucial to ensure congruence and effective deployment of resources. We believe that the agricultural development efforts should be aimed at empowering students of agriculture so that they can define, promote and take full ownership of their own development.

The proposed audio-visual methodology will not only support, but also enhance skills development to a great extent. These programmes will ensure that students are adequately skilled to support sustainable agricultural production, long-term improved food security, rural development and agri-businesses. Each module is a step-by-step process structured according to visual training guidelines. One of the most important aspects in compiling these modules is to work from the known to the unknown. This means defining most of the terminology on screen, ensuring the trainee understands it, and where necessary, supporting the visual storyline with graphics and animation to simplify and reinforce the learning process and support the principle of best farming practices. To achieve this, we work with our extended specialist networks within the agricultural industry. 

This Integrated Audio-Visual Platform “IA-VP” aims to support the development of people involved in the field of agriculture. In addition, we cannot underestimate the importance of preparing farmers, researchers, educators, extension staff, members of agri-businesses, the youth and others to make productive contributions.


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