This course will enable the learner to apply basic pig husbandry skills to their farm to ensure that their venture is as profitable as possible. It will help the new and existing farmer to attain a high level of success in production.

The profit made by the pig farmer depends on the number of pigs sold per sow on the farm over a period of one year. The profit made is therefore influenced by the ability of the farmer to manage the farm in such a way that the sows produce a maximum number of pigs that can be marketed in the shortest time possible. This course will help you to understand how to achieve just that.

Who Should Enrol

  • Beginner farmers / an enterprising person ready to start an enterprise or has an enterprise and needs more information.
  • Existing farmers with their own piggeries that want to learn to progress.
  • Workers at commercial farms that wants to understand the reasons for doing the tasks they are set.

Course Design

Online course

Course Content

  • Module 1: Nutrition
  • Module 2: Causes of disease
  • Module 3: Management of pigs
  • Module 4: Breeding pigs
  • Module 5: Housing
  • Module 6: Abnormalities in adult pigs
  • Module 7: Abnormalities in piglets
  • Module 8: Weighing of pigs, records, and reports
  • Module 9: Economic considerations
  • Module 10: Assessment 1
  • Module 11: Assessment 2

Course Highlights

  • Excellent notes to assist the growth and understanding of knowledge.
  • Practical knowledge to begin an enterprise.
  • Short videos on important topics.
  • Knowledge lectures with experience.
  • Short assessments to test the knowledge gained.

Learning Outcomes

  • Choose pigs (breed, genetics) to start a piggery.
  • Learn to manage a heard with accurate record keeping.
  • Manage the breeding process so that they get maximum quality production.
  • Feed according to the needs of the pig and not waste expensive food.
  • Market the final product.
  • Find information if they need assistance.


Multiple choice questions


Accrediting Body: AgriSETA
Accreditation Number: AGRI/C PROV/0086/06


Users need a minimum of 80% to pass

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