Now you can enjoy a very graphic explanation of broiler production. The DVD will take you through the principles of successful production. Be that Facilities, structures, preparation, health and disease control as well as feeding and nutrition. It’s a 60 minute production under the authorship of Dr Jean Cilliers and Nutritionist Rick Kleyn. This is an excellent tool for the training of new entrants and students

Who Should Enrol

Training institutions, students and producers.

Course Design

Online Course

Course Content

  • Facilities
  • Structures
  • Health
  • Feeding and nutrition
  • Disease control

Course Highlights

Many aspirant producers never had the opportunity to visit a real production unit of a high commercial producer due to the bio security. This series will take you to the heart of a modern production unit.

Be that you are a small production operation or plan to have a high-level production- the principles remain the same. This course will bring you to the basics of successful broiler production in Africa.

Learning Outcomes

You will understand that Broiler production requires a highly scientific approach. The risk mitigation of delivering a broiler between 29-31 days requires a skilful approach and definitely a team effort. 

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