We believe that agriculture can be an exciting career for anyone who has a passion for animals or growing plants. It can become your main field of income or a subsidiary option, even if your time and finances allow it to be a hobby. You can enter it at any stage of your life and grow to be a successful business person doing business in agriculture.

There are various options for learning. Short courses where you take the material in sections and complete it as you feel inclined or have time to give your attention. Alternately there are one-year certificate courses and two-year diploma courses. There is the opportunity to work from home doing the courses online or via distance learning. This is useful for people on farms and have the necessary opportunities to do practical work and still get a diploma.


Our lecturers are all qualified in the field of agriculture with considerable experience in the practice of farming. We do the theory and practical as far as time and circumstance will allow. The learners get the opportunity to see, and where possible, do the practical needed for their branch of agriculture that they are learning and thus get the feel for the possibility of a career in agriculture.


We are developing a demonstration farm near Cullinan where the learners can work and gain experience. It includes most of the main branches of agriculture in field and animal husbandry. The learners have the option to stay and work on the farm as different accommodation options are available.


  • Excellent notes to assist the growth and understanding of knowledge.
  • Practical knowledge to begin an enterprise.
  • Short videos on important topics.
  • Knowledge lectures with experience.
  • Short assessments to test the knowledge gained.

Target Audience

  • Entrepreneurs
  • New / young farmers
  • Farm workers wanting a formal qualification

Contact Details

Tel: 012 460 9585
Address: 7 Van Wouw Street, Groenkloof, Pretoria